You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

[su_dropcap]A[/su_dropcap]m I a writer? I asked myself, the other day. Sure, I have the word “writer” written on my business cards. I do write a lot of e-mails, daily. I edit a couple website pages and change some text, every now and then. But, does that mean I’m a writer?

How did I start calling myself a writer? Many people who write nicely, still call themselves as “aspiring writers.” I got some good advice from some top writers, and began thinking of myself as a writer, not an aspiring writer. This was something good I did in the early days I started writing. Now, that early days weren’t when I was young, or a baby, but a few years ago. One good thing which happened due to this, was, I never had the so-called, dreaded, writer’s block.

A day ago, I re-discovered I had heard about it, even visited it a couple of years ago. But didn’t create an account, then. When I revisited it a few days ago, I liked it. I also saw that it was now a paid/premium service (just $5 per month, though). I wanted to give this a try.

I had already attended a writers’ local meetup, a few weeks ago, and my writing muscles were now already aching to do some writing done. Since many months, I had stopped writing/blogging because my blogs don’t have readers and traffic.

In Jon Morrow’s words, a blog without comments and interaction is like someone speaking in an open hall, without any audience. No one to listen to you. Only the walls listen to you. Also, it’s a waste of time. At least it’s not the best use of our time. And, I agree. You would agree too, I guess.

But, that’s about our professional blogs I thought. I could, like many writers and bloggers, have a personal blog too. It doesn’t matter much, if it’s waste of time or if no one reads, since I’ll still get some practice in writing, and as a hobby. I won’t fear if a few errors creep in, nor would anyone else.

In fact, I wanted to use (not been updated since a couple of years) as a personal blog, but never wrote many posts. Now, I got an idea to get another domain name, and use it instead of, just as a personal blog. And, I got a good one – What do you think of it?

So, will be going away, that is, I will let it expire later this year. is already up and running, and this one is the first post for this blog. Of course, I’ve moved here the old posts from and, which are not technical.

So, I hope I can write 750 words daily. It may feel it’s a little more, at times, but I should try I’ll do it. If I do miss writing more than a few words some day, it’s not a big deal. Even 50 words a day, gets us started with writing, and keep the habit, a habit.

Yesterday, I was searching for some similar sites like and discovered some good ones. runs a writing challenge by Jeff Goins of (I still have his Kindle e-book named “You are a writer so start acting like one.”)

He also runs an FB group for this challenge, since a few years. I had joined but I don’t remember what happened or why I stopped. Anyway, I don’t use FB now, but I can still join the challenge.

There are differences in and Jeff’s writing challenge. One of them is this rule: “If you miss a day, pick up where you left off. Don’t make up for lost days.”

If you miss a day, writing at, at the end of the month, your name displays on the wall of shame. Nothing like that in

Then, there was this too that I found. Here, people write only 100 words a day, but the writing archive is public. I saw many people have been writing since as far as 2006 till 2014. That’s great. Just 100 words a day. That shouldn’t take that much time. I had written 100 words, and also have a post about it published HERE.

I now remember it’s Friday for the West (U.S.) and I used to write the Five Minute Friday posts. You can read the few I have written in the past, by browsing this blog. I think I will start this Five Minute Friday challenge again from today. Just five minutes of your time a week. That’s nothing. The only thing that can take time is, visiting two other blogs, reading the posts and commenting. Will see how it goes.

UPDATE: I missed the Five Minute Friday prompt this time as it was already done. I’ll put a reminder to myself to get the FMF prompt in time, next time and each time hereafter.

So now, I’m writing this on, ready to post at Jeff’s, may use, and will use the Five Minute Friday challenge too.

Recently, I was telling one of my writer friends, that I don’t like web apps when it comes to writing, and she suggested me to try Scrivener. I had tried it earlier, but was overwhelmed with all the great no. of features.

It’s not a text editor, it’s a text compiler, with editing and many other features. But, I thought I’d give it a try once again, so have installed it again.

What I will do is, write here at (at least this month – and I already started in the mid of the month), and then paste each day’s work into Scrivener, for later editing and publishing on my blog or newsletter.

Do you write daily, or whenever you feel like writing? How many words do you write? Have you joined any writing meetups or online groups, where you meet other writers? Let me know in the comments, below.