How to make the World’s Cheapest PDA for free?


World's Cheapest PDA

That’s right, this would be the world’s cheapest PDA that you can ever get! It’s a paper PDA, not really a digital one, but serves the purpose very well. And, it doesn’t need any batteries or a charger. What’s more, it doesn’t break if it falls down, it’s super light-weight and you can have more than one if you wish, at almost no extra cost.

You can find instructions on how to make a paper PDA on many websites. It’s called a hipster PDA or (hPDA, for short) because it easily fits in the hip pocket.

I use a slightly different sized paper than the original hipster uses, just because its easy to cut this size and it easily fits the shirt pocket. That’s where I put it – I don’t like to put something in the hip pocket. I use another larger version to keep on my desk, to jot down any notes, ideas, addresses or telephone numbers etc.

How to Make the Hipster PDA?

Making it is very easy. Here’s how to do it. Fold an A4-sized page from the center, once. Make a strong crease, using your nails so that it’s easy to cut or tear off later. Repeat with as many pages as you want. Note that you’ll get 8 pages out of each A4-sized page, so use the number of pages accordingly. For example, if you want about 30 double sided pages, use four A-4 sized pages (8×4=32). You can even use a larger sized clip and many more pages, if you want.).

Now, take a knife or a blade and cut the pages from the crease. Take these half-sized A4 pages and repeat the above process again, i.e., fold it from the center once, make a strong crease and then do the same for the remaining pages. Then, cut with the knife, blade or a paper-cutter. You now have pages of half-A4 size.

Repeat the above steps once again to get half the above (quarter size) for all the pages. Eventually, you will get 8 pieces from each A4-sized page. And these are perfect to fit inside the shirt pocket.

Now, get a medium or small-sized binder clip. Clip about 50 or so pages and your hPDA is ready to serve you!

Add a Little Spice to the Hipster PDA

You can add a little spice by putting a colored paper of the same size (made in the same way as stated above), as a separator, to separate written and blank pages. Or, you can use four or five different colored papers to use as partitions for different subjects that you may want to use your hPDA for!

I have a lot of old A4-sized, one-sided printed pages. This is how I make use of these waste papers and make a green gadget, which saves 100% electricity, doesn’t need a recharge, fits perfectly in your pocket, and doesn’t cost more than a few pennies (for the binder clip and colored paper).

If you prefer, you can even add a small pen and attach it to the binder clip so that it doesn’t fall off. In the rainy season when I take the above hPDA in my pocket, I put it in a small water-proof, zip-loc pouch that we get in the trains easily in rainy season. The small pen also fits inside the pouch and it looks cute inside the pocket. I’ll post some pictures of these two versions along with the zip-loc pouch later someday.

You cut the A4-sized pages thrice as stated above, but if you cut them only twice (getting 4 pieces from each page), you can make a nice notepad to keep on your desk or table. By the way, this post was written on this kind of notepad first and then transferred here using a wireless transfer device (my hands). 🙂

The PocketMod

There’s another one I have used in the past and still use if in anyway I do not have my paper PDA with me. If I can get a piece of blank A4 page, I make a quick pocketmod out of it. But I do not use the pocketmod website or even print out the pocketmod. I just use the pocketmod trick to fold the page and then use it to take quick notes. No lines, calendar or any other mumbo-jumbo. Even a scissor isn’t needed. Just a blank A4 page is all you need to create a paper organizer that can fit in your wallet or pocket. Very useful when you don’t have the paper PDA or anything else to jot down your notes. I already spoke about it in this post. It’s called a pocketmod.


Featured Image Credit: Wikipedia