Just Tell me When to Monetize my Blog



Did you just start blogging and are wondering – “when to monetize my blog?” Or, do you already have a blog, running since a few months or so, and haven’t still monetized it? Are you confused whether you should monetize your blog right now or wait for a few months to an year before doing so? I was in this situation, when I started my tech blog back in February. That time, even though I wanted to monetize the blog, I didn’t know whether it was right for a new blog. I was even advised to wait for at least 3 – 6 months before monetizing it, and instead have a lot of content.

Now, when starting this writer site and blog, I didn’t think as much about monetizing and instead have tried to provide valueable posts. But I got the answer to my question automatically. Just a few days ago, I was browsing Daily Blog Tips – a blog I follow regularly now – and Ali Luke put a post on monetizing. She answered my question of ‘When’, and the answer to another question, ‘How’ is coming up in the form of another post by her in a few days.

Ali is a great writer and runs her website called Ali Ventures. She also posts on Zen Optimize. But, Daily Blog Tips is where I had found her through a guest post. Now, she’s a co-editor at DBT, along with Daniel Scocco. Make sure you read her post on monetizing and also her upcoming post in a few days which will tell ways to monetize a new blog. I’ll update with a direct link to that post here, when she posts.

So, when am I going to monetize this blog? Soon after I complete my 31 days of this Ultimate Blog Challenge (end of this month).  I’ll start working on monetization soon after I  have completed this challenge.

How about you?  Do you monetize your blog? When did you start monetizing – as soon as you started blogging or did you wait for a few months? Are you making any money with the monetization methods you use? And, what methods do you use? How good are they? Do let me know in the comments below because I’m interested to know the answers to all these questions.

This is my 26th day post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Just 5 more days to complete the challenge. But if you read my yesterday’s post, you know that I am behind by a few posts. I’ll soon post a handful of posts to get ahead.


Featured Image Credit: Tax Credits (via Flickr)