Today’s FMF Prompt – WAIT


WAIT. What for? Wait till you read this all. Today’s writing prompt for Five Minute Friday is the word, wait.

What does the word, wait, remind me? What does it say? It reminds me to remain patient. It says, I’ll see something good if I remain patient.

At times when you think negatively, God says to wait. He says, just wait and see. He says keep patient and you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So, isn’t it worth to wait? It sure is. Wait and you’ll become worth your weight in gold. Who knows!

Some people take this in another sense. They want to sleep and not wake up when you try to wake them up. They’ll also say WAIT. They mean, they want to sleep some more.

But, they don’t have to say the word, when they hit the snooze button on their alarm clock, they actually mean — WAIT.

Wait also means to wait for someone to come. You also wait in a queue. You also wait for results after you’re done your best about something. The traffic signals also mean WAIT. This is where you have to wait or you pay the price. If you don’t wait, you may have an accident, or you have to pay up the fine.

You also wait for the sun to rise every day. You wait for the bus or train to arrive. You wait for the right opportunity.

You wait for the good things to happen in your life. Again, God says, just wait and see. Have some patience.