Today’s FMF Prompt – SHARE

I missed writing the Five Minute Friday post this Friday, so writing it a day later — on a Saturday. This time, I’m not going by the five minute rule, but writing openly whatever comes to my mind, about the prompt. This time the prompt was the word SHARE. So, let’s start.


What does share remind me?

Sharing is caring, market shares which I hardly know anything about, and also a Lion because the word share sounds similar to Sher which in Hindi, means Lion.

A lion can be connected to sharing too. When you share with an open heart, you’re frank and free of any guilt and other negative feelings.

You’re truthful, so you walk like a Lion — bold and confident, with chin up.

But share, or sharing means a lot more.

When you’re very young, a child, you share everything with your parents.

When you have friends with other kids, you share your secrets with them more than with your parents.

Later, when you come of age, fall in love or marry, you share with your lover or spouse.

Then, when you have kids yourself, though you may not share all with your kids, but you certainly share the love.

What happened in all this time? Sharing changed from one to the other, and so love changed from one to the other. Your focus changed and so love changed too.

Few people are friends for life and they keep sharing.

The day sharing stops and you start feeling doubts for others, is the day the downfall starts.

So keep sharing because, sharing certainly is caring.

Photo Credit: pictoquotes, wikimedia, pat_mcdonald — in that order