Today’s FMF Post – SEND

Send, what does send remind me? A send button I’e seen on many sites. But what I saw on Kate’s site was a letter with the word send written on it, so it reminded me to send a letter.

In today’s world we send emails, almost daily.

Send also means to give away to others. Give what you have, share it with others. Send it to others.

Send your messages, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your good wishes to others, love, help but not your money. 🙂

But, think before you send anything. If they’re email messages and letters, read again before you hit the send key or post the letter. Read and think whether there’s anything in the email and letters with which others may feel hurt or is there anything negative in them. If not, go ahead and send.

You can also send gifts to your friends and loved ones, even if it’s something small. And, send it with love and warm wishes.

That’s all I could write on today;s five minute friday prompt. Will write more next time.

Photo Credits: morton1905, yourdon, pictoquotes, juliekintaiwan, inertia_tw, warmnfuzzy, storm-crypt — in that order.