Today’s Five Minute Friday Prompt – Truth


Every Friday we gather to write on just one word. We just give 5 minutes on this word and write as much as we can in this time. We don’t edit, correct, change or add to this. So, this is my unedited post for today’s writing prompt from Five Minute Friday. Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: “TRUTH



Today’s writing prompt is truth. What is truth? Truth is that what you think is what you speak is what you do. In other words, your thoughts, words and deeds are the same in truth. There may be more definitions of truth but this is the best definition I think.

Why do you want to tell the truth? To get others’ blessings and good wishes, to have others trust you and have faith in you, to have others love you. But for this you need to sacrifice and have the power to endure and resist anyone and anything. One thing to know is one who uses the power of endurance, increases it to a small extent each time he/she uses it. This is true with every power or human value too.

Isn’t truth also a power as well as a human value? Yes, surely it is. And it shines on the face of the truthful. Haven’t prophets and messiahs also said that truth is God? Because as much as you are nearer to the truth, you are nearer to God. God loves us to be truthful. Everyone loves a truthgful person.


I’ll Speak The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Haven’t you heard this being said in courts – “I’ll speak nothing but the truth”? But do the guilty speak the truth even after taking sacred vows? No!

You also must be knowing about the lie detectors used by the police. What are these devices? These are  electronic devices which measure and show the change in breathing rate, pulse rate, blood pressure etc. When someone tells the truth, all these body conditions are normal but as soon as one lies, these conditions change to a great extent because our conscience doesn’t want to lie. Truth is the natural way but the habit of telling lies have become so strong that we don’t hear the conscience.

Bitter Truth or White Lies

There’s an old but famous story about truth and lies and I had read this in a children’s story book in my childhood. It goes like this: A sage lived in a hut in the jungles near a village. Once while he was sitting in meditation, outside his hut, he saw a Cow running past his hut and into the dense forest. After a while, a man came there and bowing to the sage, asked whether he had seen a Cow running. The sage said he did. When the guy asked which way the Cow ran, the sage pointed in a different direction than which the Cow had run. The guy went looking for the Cow in the direction the sage told him.

Wasn’t that a lie which the sage told? No. Why? Because he saved the Cow from a butcher by telling a lie. Saving a life by telling a lie isn’t counted as a lie, but truth.

I remember this proverb from my school days: “A lie has no legs but a scandal has wings”. So, scandals or rumours are greater lies which can cause greater harm. There are also white lies. Some people lie to escape others’ wrath. Some lie to just hide the truth from others. Some lie to hide the previous lies they have told. And some people lie to cause grief to others.

The Person Telling The Truth Would Dance

There’s a saying in India which says the person who tells the truth, dances. This is not the physical dance. It means the person telling the truth is so light inside he can dance with joy. Whereas, a person telling lies can never be so light. Even if he would dance physically, he would have a heavy heart and stuff going on inside his mind which won’t keep him light.

We All Lie to Ourselves

The first truth is that we aren’t bodies but souls residing within the bodies. In Hindi, the word for the soul is Aatma. But soul isn’t the proper meaning for Aatma. The proper English meaning would be Self. You can check the correctness of the statement that we are not bodies but souls by asking yourself the following questions:

When you get hurt on your knees or feet, do you tell that I got hurt, I am paining etc? No, you would say, “My knees or feet got hurt”, “My feet are paining”. Same thing with other parts of the body like the head. If you have a headache, you don’t say: “I am paining”, or “I the head is paining”. You would say:  “MY head is paining”. So who is this I? When you take someone to the doctor and he needs to operate on him, he says: “Bring the patient in”, but if the patient died during the operation, the doctor would say: “Take the body”. He doesn’t say to take the patient back. Why? Because the one who resisded in that body went away, flew away. When someone dies, you also have heard people say that someone left for the heavenly abode.

Surely the actual person is different from this body. So who is that I? To know more about who you are, wait for another  post in this spiritual category.


The above was my response to the Five Minute Friday prompt for today, November 8, 2013. Actually, I wrote in five minutes only till the word STOP above. But, I wanted to continue writing some more, so I just went on. I hope you like this post. I’ve already completed the Ultimate Blog Challenge yesterday and got a badge too (which you can see in the right sidebar, below.)