Today’s Five Minute Friday Prompt – Together

Every Friday we gather to write on just one word. We just give 5 minutes on this word and write as much as we can in this time. We don’t edit, correct, change or add to this. So, this is my un-edited post for today’s writing promt from Five Minute Friday. The prompt is the word “Together



What does together mean? Being along someone or something. I’m not sure, but doesn’t it mean to-gather? Doing something along with someone, remaining with someone? I still remember this proverb that I had as a topic in high school – “Birds of a feather flock together”.

Here on today’s topic ‘together’, aren’t all of us at FMF writing together too? 🙂 This is writing togetrher, then people live together at homes, and call it a family. People eat together at places and call it hotels or restaurants. They dance together and call it a pub. People do all sorts of things together. Without being together, live would be too hard, a feeling of like being in a jail.



Well, that was too short but that’s all I could write in five minutes on today’s prompt. Thank you for reading my unedited post. If you’re a blogger, I’d suggest you to participate in this weekly writing prompt at Five Minute Friday too. It’s great,  helps us write about anything and takes a wee bit of your time – just five minutes, every week. Many people have been doing it for more than an year.

This is also a post for day 25 at Ultimate Blog Challenge. I know that I haven’t been able to post the last 4 days. I’m having problems maintaining the site/blog as I’m facing some critical problems with my web host. Trying to clear these. I also had to re-install WordPress from scratch and that’s what took me the last few days. Anyway, I’ll catch up in a day or two, with the posts. Will be posting two posts a day till the next few days as I was already behind by a few posts. I also didn’t get time to log into facebook for the above reasons. Hope to be back on track quickly now.