Today’s Five Minute Friday Prompt – Laundry

Today’s Five Minute Friday Prompt – Laundry


Every Friday we gather to write on just one word. We just give 5 minutes on this word and write as much as we can in this time. We don’t edit, correct, change or add to this. So, this is my un-edited post for today’s writing promt from Five Minute Friday. The prompt is the word “Laundry



Strangely, I was just talking about laundry with my mother just a few minutes ago. And when I come here to check what today’s writing promt is at FMF, it was the word “laundry”. I was talking about how our neighbors do their laundry themselves and even though they have a washing machine, they never use it. How they can save time by using the machine, or at least the dryer. And, how they can save themselves of some tiring.

I have never done laundry myself except for once when my mother was ill, be it using the machine or using my hands. At that time, I had to ask someone how to do it using the machine. Do you know how people here in India used to do the laundry, and even now do it in the villages? They do it collectively, near a river or pond etc and beat a large stone with the clothes. May be it sounds funny, but it isn’t. And surprisingly, the clothes come out whiter than they come out of the machines. This is also how some of the laundry stores do it. I had once given my white colored dresses to them and they gave it back to me, whiter than ever before. How nice, I thought!