Today’s Five Minute Friday Prompt: Grace


Every Friday we gather to write on just one word. We just give 5 minutes on this word and write as much as we can in this time. We don’t edit, correct, change or add to this. So, this is my un-edited post for today’s writing promt from Five Minute Friday. Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: “GRACE”


What do I think when hearing the word ‘Grace’? It reminds me of grace marks teachers give when children get less marks in exams. During our times, how many grace marks a student was eligible for depended on how the student behaved throughout the year, how was his character (mischievious or otherwise), how he did in the test exams in the year, how much was he attentive in the class, how much was he present or absent in the class etc. I don’t know about how it is now, but these were the eligibility criteria for getting grace marks.

I remember someone having her middle name as Grace too. Grace also reminds me of ‘God’s Grace’. When something good happens, we say it’s by God’;s grace. It’s a nice word. So grace in this context means something like a blessing or goodwill. WHen a student who expected to fail passes the exams, he would say he passed by God’s grace.


(I wanted to continue writing but the above is all I could write in 5 minutes.)

Well, but how to get God’s grace in today’s world where people have almost forgotten God. Most of the people remember Him on occasions, when they’re in distress or trouble, or when they need help and there’s no one else to help. There are very few people who remember Him whether happy or sad, whether in profit or loss. When someone who remembers Him only when need arises, remembers or asks His help, surely God must be thinking “How swarthi these people are. They ask for help and rememeber me when faced with problems, and soon after the problems are gone, they forget me. They don’t remember me when there are no problems. How selfish have my children become!”

There’s a saying by an Indian saint named Kabir which says everyone remembers God when in distress and forget Him in joy.

But, does anyone forget their father when they are in happy mood and remember him only when they’re in trouble? How would our fathers think if this really happened? Wouldn’t they feel bad and think of their children being so selfish? But you’d say how do we remember God when we can’t even see Him. We can see our bodily fathers and that’s why we are able to remember them so easily.

Yes, that’s true. We remember something that we see and hear. But wait, we forget things and people we see and hear too. Then, if we forget the one whom we can’t see or hear physically, is that our mistake? Well, yes and no. Why do you give double answers, you say? I’ll reply that in another upcoming post. Till then, have a nice time and come back.

The above was my response to the Five Minute Friday prompt for today, November 1, 2013. Actually, I wrote in five minutes only till the word STOP above. But, I wanted to continue writing some more, so I just went on. I hope you like this post. I’ve already completed the Ultimate Blog Challenge yesterday and got a badge too (which you can see in the right sidebar, below.) but I will try to continue writing, if possible, daily too. More on this in another post.