Today’s Five Minute Friday Prompt – Fly


Every Friday we gather to write on just one word. We just give 5 minutes on this word and write as much as we can in this time. We don’t edit, correct, change or add to this. So, this is my unedited post for today’s writing prompt from Five Minute Friday. Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: “FLY”.

What do I think when reading the word “Fly”? Birds. Yes Birds remind me that they always fly. They don’t walk or run, they fly, and fly high. Flying is much, much faster than running. Fly also reminds me of house flies. These insects too fly but they are bad guys and just troublesome. They bring germs with them and go to bad places, so I better not think of them. But butterflies are also flies and they are lovely to look at, sitting on flowers and flying freely.


Fly also reminds me of airplanes and more so of helicopters, which I love more than airplanes. Helicopter also reminds me that in my childhood, I used to catch butter files and dragon flies. To the dragonflies’ tail, we used to tie a soft cotton thread and they used to fly and we would hold the tread. It wasn’t very nice to tie them but we were kids and didn’t know anything else at the time.

Talking of airplanes, I have been in it only once (twice if I counted the return journey) and it was domestic one. It was more than a decade ago and I was nervous going in a plane since it was my first time. I remember getting a headache soon after it took off (due to air pressure changes). The same thing happened during my return journey. I remember I was making myself believe that I’m in a bus (and that’s what it is anyway – an air bus). I was sitting by the window and whenever I looked out, I could see something all black, like a road. This helped me make myself believe that the plane hadn’t yet took off and it was just running on the road. (Inside I knew this wasn’t the case). This helped me feel relaxed and I kept listening to some good music. It was only later I found out what looked like the black colored road was the wing of the plane. 🙂 It may sound silly to you but this helped me at the time.

I love helicopters and it feels as if I have used helicopters in a previous birth. I’ve even had dreams of myself being in helicopters, many times since my childhood. Maybe they are as prone to accidents as airplanes, but for some reason, I fear airplanes more. I feel helicopters can turn around and can balance themselves even during a fall, so they are safer. This may just be my belief since childhood but anyway, I love helicopters though I know even helicopters can have accidents.

Science has progressed so fast and at such a super rapid rate the past few decades. Surely the accidents are rare but they do happen when they happen. These same airplanes and helicopters used to be there when there was the golden age on this earth. But, they would never, never cause any accidents and they used to run on atomic energy and make no sound at all. Have you heard or read about Mohenjo-daro and Harappa and the Indus valley civilizations in India? They were much more civilized and had science and technology much higher than it is in the present day.

GA-21Just think of how science and technology in the golden age would have been, where the words “grief”, “death” “accident”, “health”, “medicine”, “court”, “poverty”, “crime”, “theft” “disease” etc had no meaning at all. They didn’t know what these things were because their world was full of joy, happiness, bliss. Even nature and animals were extremely peaceful and loving. No one feared them because they weren’t violent at all, not even the Lions. There were no quakes or floods or famines etc, ever. Would you like to be in a small, personal airplane in the golden age? They had names like “pushpak vimaan”, which is a well-known name of a divine airplane which existed in India during that time. Vimaan is the Hindi word for airplane. They had shapes like birds and animals of that time. They were so easy to drive, even a 5-year old used to drive them and they were absolutely fool-proof and accident-proof. Now, doesn’t your mouth water, thinking of the golden age?

The above was my response to the Five Minute Friday prompt for today, November 22, 2013. I have stopped counting the time it takes for me to write the Five Minute Friday posts because I tend to enjoy writing longer.