Lift Kara Dey (FMF Post)

What does lift mean? To different people in different situations, lift can have a different meaning:

1. A child wants elders to lift him up. For him, lifting means joy and love.

2. A person whose vehicle dies, stalls or loses power wants a lift from another vehicle, to reach his destination. For him, lift means destination.

3. An old man who wants to go upstairs in a building, wants to use the lift to go up. For him, lift means help and comfort.

4. A sad or depressed person wants someone to lift and cheer them up. For him a lift can be a great gift, and happiness.

5. Street hawkers always lift their stuff on their heads in a basket, here in Mumbai. For them, lifting means heavy work, but selling and money too.

6. Body builders and weight lifters usually lift a lot of weight for weight training and to build muscles. For them, lifting means more muscles, more power, name and fame.

7. Building developers in India have workers and even ladies who lift weights (cement, bricks, stones, etc) in an iron basket, over their heads. For them, lifting means heavy work, stress, pain and dirt, but money too.

8. If some people get stuck somewhere in catastrophes like floods and earthquakes, they wait for help, for maybe air planes and helicopters to lift them and take them to a better place. For them, lift means some relief, and life.

9. For spiritual people, getting help from God can be the lift. That lift, which can take them from hell to heaven.

10. Here’s a song I had heard more than 1.5 decades ago from Adnan Sami and Indian film actor Govinda, called “Lift Kara Dey.” It’s in Hindi, but he’s asking God to give him a lift, even if for material things. You may like it.

Have you ever experienced any of the lifts other than the one in buildings? Let me know your experience in the comments below.