Today’s Five Minute Friday Post – Create


Create a blog post

This came to me naturally as I had to create a blog post on today’s five minute friday prompt, which is “create”.

Create a website

I’m a website developer, so this too came naturally. And, I was thinking to get a new domain name a few hours ago, using my first name only, and use a very simple, minimalist theme on it, or even use it with a static html website, instead of using WordPress.

Create good habits

I was reading zenhabits blog last night, so this was another thing which came to my mind. Creating good habits, and starting with small, easy habits. I’ve joined Leo Babauta’s seachange program too. There, we start with a good habit, one habit a month.
So, I have a small list of habits I would like to create:
  • Healthy sleeping habit
  • Daily writing habit
  • Daily progress checking habit
  • Better spiritual reading habit