Today’s Five Minute Friday Post – Build


Build reminds me, I’m a website builder. I build (that is, develop)websites, maintain and fix them. I also build computers.

There’s more to the word build, than just website building. There was a time, people build fire, using wood or stones. Now, hardly anyone uses wood or stone. Instead, people use magnesium rods to build fire when they don’t have other means.

Rich people usd to build temples and schools and dorms. You can see tall temples in not only almost every corner of India but in other countries too.

House builders or commonly called building developers, build houses and buildings. Even birds build their own houses, or nests. And, such fine houses, which even the best house builder or engineer cannot build.

People also build relationships, though this is nothing like one of the above types of build. They also build their body, that is, by regular exercising, they put their bodies into better shape.

One can also build habits, be it good or bad, knowingly or unknowingly. Once habits became traits, they go with you into your next births. This is why you can see children who can perform miracles in different things — some can play the violin or other musical instruments far better than even the most talented, others can use knives and guns to kill. Some can quickly learn and recite scriptures in early childhood, which even the talented gurus may not be able to. All these children brought these traits from one or more of their previous births. They built those traits in previous births and reap the fruits in the current and following births.

People started building blogs in the late 2000s. One of the great blog is, which used to be boostblogtraffic. It’s run by Jon Morrow. Here’s a very inspiring blog post on how and why he’s great and how you can become like him too.

Rome was not built in a day, is a popular saying, which means it takes time to build something valuable, unlike the Made in China stuff, which is made just like the population there.

Hell. Well, hell is already built. The time you and I are living, is hell. Heaven isn’t built yet, but it’s time it will start being built very soon. Hell was built by humans, and heaven will be built by God. That’s the difference. Many people complain to Him, why did He build such a bad world. But He didn’t build it, we humans did. He had built heaven, and is building it again, now.

This is also new. In olden times, when there were no computers or mobile phones, no one knew about programming. These days, there are so many people who build software programs and mobile apps.

This is no more done now. In olden days, Kings and queens used to build forts and fortresses to save themselves and their Kingdom from the enemies.

People go to the gym, or exercise anywhere to build muscles.

People, especially students build their career.