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I first “met” Raspal through his e-mails in the fall of 2012. He became a regular reader and commenter at DailyBlogTips, when I took over as Editor there.
Raspal’s helpful nature and wealth of blogging knowledge have really shone through as he’s left insightful points for further thought, and — in many cases — helped out “newbie” bloggers. It’s been a pleasure to publish his guest posts: he’s got a great, friendly writing style, along with the ability to craft catchy titles and structure posts well.
— Ali Luke, Writer/Blogger/Editor,


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It is with genuine respect and admiration that I write this letter of recommendation for Raspal Seni. Raspal has been a priceless asset to my writing as well as to my website. He has helped me with site redesign, theme modification, keywords, blog topics, site backup and site speed, just to name a few.
Raspal truly cares about his clients and upon several occasions, has taken time out of his busy schedule to check on my site. There have been numerous times in which he has detected some sort of issue with my own site that I had not noticed. On these occasions, he let me know the problem and the solution, and asked if I’d like help resolving it or If I’d like him to resolve it for me.
Maintenance of my site would not be possible without Raspal’s guidance. Whenever I contact him with a request, regardless of our time difference, the response is most often immediate. Any issue is resolved immediately, and with professionalism and gratitude. I could not ask for more dependable assistance.
He is also gifted as a teacher and words the subject matter very effectively for the targeted audience. He has also vastly improved my ability to attract a global audience when previously, it was mainly the U.S. and Canada.
— Lynn Silva, Writer/Blogger at


I have also worked as a freelancer at oDesk for more than 1600 hours (oDesk Profile available on request) and have received good feedback from clients. Here are a few of them. I’ll be adding a few more testimonials to this page soon:

Raspal was a pleasure to work with, very smart, and did good work cheaply.
— Andrew Bob Perry


Raspal is a very skilled writer. I would hire him again.
—  Earnest Foreman, Flight Path Multimedia


Best writing quality which I get from employers on oDesk.
—  Viktor Sobiecki, ViP International (A Data Recovery Company)


It was a pleasure working with Raspal. He did what he said he would and delivered on time.
— Mark Jones,


Raspal is very good at support and writing and I enjoy working with him. His communication and responsiveness is top-notch. I enjoy working with Raspal and look forward to having additional jobs for him in the future.
— Jennifer  Swenson from


Raspal has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  Sadly the project we have been working on together has come to an end, but I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else and indeed will be using Raspal again myself in the future.
Raspal has a wide and strong selection of skill-sets.  To take but a few, he has an excellent working manner, is extremely hard working and has great communication skills.
Raspal will keep you up-to-date with progress on projects he is working on, and is quick to realise issues if any that need to be brought to your attention.  That said, Raspal is incredibly business minded, practical and solutions driven and will not only carry out his work in a way to ensure that problems do not arise in the first place, but if he can help to find you a better way of delivering the work (to save you both time and money) he will.
I cannot recommend highly enough!  A+
Hire Raspal before someone else beats you to him!
— James Barnes, StrangeLogic Limited, London UK


Raspal was a great provider, he is knowledge with hardware and software issues and anything he didn’t know he had the research skills to find out. I would work with him again as you won’t find a better provider in his pay range. He communicated well to make sure that the service he was providing was what I wanted, he was very flexible in that respect.
— James Bronner