The Story of the Lost Wallet


Lost_WalletThis is the story of how I lost my wallet and then how I got it back. It might not interest you but it shows how God helps us if we remember Him and ask His help.

Last night, I happened to go to the station for which I took a bus from outside my house, like always. The bus conductors always demand that we have change for the ticket, so I took some coins in my hand, but before boarding the bus, I put them in the trouser pocket. Then, I boarded the bus and sat on the second-last seat. There was already another person seated too. So, before actually sitting, I took out the coins from my trouser pocket, which also contained a few other small items and a metal wallet.

I had bought this wallet online a few months ago and was using it since. It had my bank debit cards, my voting ID card, my PAN (Personal Account Number) card and two pen drives which held a lot of data. I am about to format part of m y hard drive (D drive) and install Windows 7 and there was no space, so I had moved almost all the data from this drive on to the pen drives (32 GB and 8 GB in size).

Now, I took out the coins and bought the ticket from the bus conductor and then sat like usual, unaware what had happened to my wallet. Then, I got down from the bus at a signal, as the bus halted there for some time, still unaware of what had happened to my wallet. I went to a shop to print some document that were on one of my pen drives but was surprised not to find the wallet in my pocket. I started thinking where it could have fallen, or did I even bring it from home? I called up at home and inquired about it, but it was not at the table where I usually keep it.

I understood that it might have fallen during the time I took out the change, in the bus. I still had the bus ticket in my pocket so I went and waited at the bus stop. A bus of the same route came and I boarded it and asked the conductor whether that was the same bus which went at such and such time to the station. He looked at my ticket and said it was to come behind his bus in a few minutes and that I should get down at such and such stop and wait for it. I had told him what had happened to my wallet. He didn’t take any money from me, saying that I was already in trouble and he won’t charge me for boarding the bus.

I got down at the said bus stop and waited for another bus of the same route. One came in a few minutes and thinking that was the one in which I had lost my wallet, I boarded it and again inquired from the conductor. But, it was not the bus I was looking for. Two more buses and then a third one and this was the bus I had boarded. But the conductor said he didn’t see any metal wallet near the seat I mentioned. He said that he would have deposited it at the bus depot, had he got any such item. So, I got down the bus when it neared my residence. Nearly an hour and a half had passed since I lost my wallet and looking for the same bus.











The two photos above show my metal wallet.

When I was waiting for the buses, my mind started wandering, but at the same time I started talking to God. I told Him, “If I had taken someone’s wallet and items of equal value in some birth, my wallet that’s gone won’t come back. But, if I’m a good guy and I have done good to others, please help me get back my wallet.” I also tried to let go of the thoughts that tried to weaken me. I tried to accept that when something is gone, it’s gone. I also tried to explain and talk to myself that everything happens as a surprise and suddenly, even when someone dies, it’s a sudden thing. So, I should be ready to face any situation. What is this? Okay I lost a lot of work that I had done since years, and it will take a lot of time to get it back. Some of the things I don’t even have backed up online. But I let it go. What went away, went away! That’s all. I am fine and still in one piece, I can still remember God. I can still earn. My computer is still intact and I can redo what was lost. These types of positive thoughts came in my mind. There were little-little negative thoughts trying to come too, but I would suppress them.

I reached home and my mother asked whether I had got the wallet back? I said no, it’s gone, accepting it and with a light smile on my face. She started explaining me that I should take care and that I shouldn’t take the wallet every time I go out etc. And then, she said that a guy had come and gave my metal wallet back. Hearing this, the first thing I did was to thank God in my mind. He had helped me. Who gives a wallet back and that too by going to their home? Surely God had changed this guy’s mind I thought. But anyway, I was happy to have got back my nice metal wallet.

But I’ve thought of putting a label inside it, as well as on the back of my smart phone, with my name, address and home contact number, and a line saying something like “Contact or Return to, if found:”.

There’s another thing I remembered which I had read in an email someone had forwarded a few years ago. It mentioned that we should have one or more contacts renamed to start with the word “ICE”, ICE standing for “In Case of Emergency”. I already have a few contacts renamed to start with this word. When an accident or an emergency happens and our phone is found, how would others know whom to contact? There may be hundreds of phone numbers in the contacts, but whom do they call? So, police and other agencies know about this ICE numbers and they search for it. If found, they contact those numbers.

Do you use the word ICE along with one or more important contacts? What other precautions do you take about emergencies or in case of wallet or mobile theft? Do let me know in comments. I would be interested to know.

This is my 19th day post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


Featured Image Credit: Kalleboo (via Flickr)