The Story of my Mobile Phone – Part 1



A few years ago, when I worked as a field engineer and later, as a call center engineer, I didn’t want a mobile phone myself. When my boss would give me a phone so that he and his customers could contact me anytime about problems, I would shun away and tell him that I don’t like to use a mobile phone. This was from the year 2005 till 2008. But, I lost a job due to not being able to contact someone. That was when I bought myself a mobile phone. It was a simple Samsung phone. I made sure that the phone didn’t have many features or any games so that I could waste my time on it. And I got a phone which had a built-in torch light. I’ve always been attracted to torches since childhood. Wasn’t that how I began to learn electronics? Well, that’s some content for another story and I’ll tell about that in another post.

So, my new phone was a Samsung Guru series, with a torch. This dates back to 2008. That phone worked well till 2012, but one day, it just went off and wouldn’t turn on. Attaching the charger also didn’t help. I tried using an extra battery I had but that didn’t help either. At times, the phone would try to start, but after a few seconds, turn off before completely booting. At other times it would just hang while booting and I had to remove the battery. And then it would refuse to start.

Since the day I got this phone, I had tried to get a USB cable which connected this phone to the computer. I thought I could sync contacts because on the phone box and in the manual, Samsung mentioned it supporting PC Sync. I tried many cables but the computer never detected this device. Another thing I tried was to charge it using the USB cable but couldn’t do that too. This phone just wouldn’t charge from USB. I had also bought a separate headset for this phone as it didn’t come with one. I didn’t like using it, so I gave it away. It had an unusual connector, instead of the normal EP plug.

Okay, back to what happened to this phone. It stopped booting. Now, I had more than 300 contacts on this phone and wanted to get those back, anyhow. I got it repaired for about 2 dollars, from a mobile repairer, but it failed again. I had to get it repaired twice more, and pay 2 USD each time because it would do this problem again in just a few days. The repair person said that he could try flashing the phone but all the contacts would go away that way. I didn’t want him to do that as I wanted my contacts.

There was no way to backup or transfer these 300+ contacts. This phone didn’t have provision for a memory card or even bluetooth. So, at last, I just sat down one day and manually jotted down each contact’s name and phone numer in a small pocket diary, alphabetically. This was my way of backing up, which was good in a way if I ever again lost the contacts. I still have that diary with me.

I started looking for buying another feature phone with memory card and good music but how I got a nice mobile phone at a very cheap price, I’ll tell you about it in my next post. Do you want to hear the story of my second mobile phone? Can you guess which mobile phone it was? Leave your answers in the comments below.

I wasn’t able to post for the last two days because I was busy moving to another webhost and this site went down a couple of times. This is my 12th post for the Uultimate Blog Challenge. I have some posts as drafts, which I’ll be posting a while later. I was also busy troubleshooting both my blogs as they were giving a lot of php errors. How I solved and what all I did, I’ll write in another post, may be a day or two later. I have stopped writing for both the blogs daily since it becomes difficult to post on both. So, for the challenge, I’ll be posting daily on this blog only.

Featured Image Credit: Albert