The Story of my Mobile Phone – Part 2



Yesterday, I told you the story of my first mobile phone. Today, I’ll tell you about my second mobile, which was a nice music phone. Did you try to guess which one it was? If you guessed it was the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, you were correct.

A friend gave it to me, thinking that I could make use of the parts since it was dead and useless for her. She knew that I was into electronics and used to DIY stuff and all that. Anyway, I couldn’t make the phone work and also didn’t have much equipment for testing it. So, I went to the local phone repairer and asked him to check whether it was repairable. He took long for testing it but told me that that a chip on the motherboard was faulty and it could be repaired if available and the price would be some 15 USD. I aksed him to go ahead and repair the phone.

This phone worked nicely. I put all the contacts written in my diary when my first phone stopped working, into this phone and all was well. I also used a 16 GB memory card in this phone, and it worked (officially, the phone supports only up to 2 GB). The only drawback was that the memory card access as well as the phone access was very slow due to a large sized memory card.

It was a great music phone. Okay, it wasn’t at par with the MP3 players I have had, but using some bassy headphones, music sounded nice and thumpy. I used it for many months until it was stolen. It got stolen, you would ask? Yes, someone stole it while I was returning from a train trip last year. This happened in the early morning hours when everyone sleeps. I made a mistake of keeping it beside myself, on the seat, to wake me up. I didn’t hear the alarm and that was the time when it was stolen.

I loved the clicking of buttons on it, what’s called tactile feedback.even though I have a smart phone now, I’d still like to have this phone. But then, how many phones can I have and use? So, I didn’t try to get it again. Otherwise, some new and many used ones are available online.

When I understood that someone had stolen the phone, I was a little disturbed for a few minutes, trying to search the phone and the guy who might have taken it. I was on the upper berth, and the guy on the side berth had left early morning. So, I just stopped thinking about the phone as I  wouln’t have got it back – just would have created more disturbance. I also lost the 16 GB memory card with the phone. Since I hadn’t spent a lot on this phone and it wasn’t a new phone, I was able to easily forget it.

I did lose some new contacts on this phone I had backed up only to the memory card but not yet to my computer or dropbox yet. Now, I make sure to backup to two other places as soon as I backup contact and other stuff from the phone to my computer.

Since I had no mobile phone now, I started a search for a good mobile phone. But, once again I  just got myself a simple phone – the Nokia 101 – a dual SIM but simple phone. It also doesn’t have bluetooth and any facility to connect to the computer, but can backup the contacts to the memory card. It’s also able to play music, and has a decently loud volume for the built-in speaker. Anyway, I didn’t use it for long. It’s still being used at home but by my mother now. I got another, used  phone but it’s a smart phone. You can easily guess which one I might have got, since you know from the above story that I love tactile feedback of the buttons. Can you guess which smart phone I got?

This is my 13th day post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


Feature Image Credit: panoysia (via Flickr)