How to Stop Spammers From Reaching Your Inbox?



Are you tired of getting spammy emails filling up your Inbox? Do you wish there was a better way to eradicate spammy emails than just having the Spam filters and the Spam folder from your email provider? Have you ever been in a situation, expecting an important email and instead of that email, getting loads of spammy emails, filling up your Inbox? Do you wish these spammers should be punished, or better you would yourselves punish them to death? Do you wish you had some kind of disposable email address which you could give out freely, and be able to stop spammers from reaching your Inbox? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then continue reading below.

You may say Gmail is pretty good to stop spammers. Actually, it isn’t. It just filters the spam into your spam folder, which you have to check periodically. You have to see whether any legit email landed in the spam folder. And, this happens from time to time because no one is perfect.

Have You Met This Spam Eating Monster?

The service is called Spam Gourmet. I think I’ve been using it since nearly a decade or more. I have it since I started using FastMail, back in 2001. It’s a great, free service, which may not stop spammers completely, but it can surely stop them from flooding your Inbox. In simple terms, it’s a disposable email address service. What’s a disposable email address? Something similar to disposable stuff or use-and-throw stuff. It’s an email address which you can give out anywhere on the Internet and forget about getting much spam since it can be disposed off, that is, deleted.

There are already quite many free, disposable email address websites like . The name tells how long it keeps the email address. It disposes off the address after 10 minutes, unless you tell it to keep it for 10 more minutes. That’s good for short term disposable addresses. But what do you do, if you want a disposable address, which you can yourself dispose off at will, when you start getting spam on that email address? This is where Spam Gourmet comes into picture. Read on below, how Spam Gourmet can stop spammers from reaching your Inbox.

What you can do with Spam Gourmet is, once you have signed up with them (which is of course, free), you can make and give out an address like (USERNAME being your username)  anywhere you want to give away your disposable email address. The number 5 in the above disposable email address tells Spam Gourmet to treat anything beyond 5 emails to that address as spam. You can later increase this number by logging into your Spam Gourmet account, if there’s a need. You can also specify any number instead of 5.

The advantage of this system is, say you gave out your disposable email address during a newsletter signup, and specified the number 20. (You’d get only 20 emails from this newsletter email address and the rest would be eaten up by Spam Gourmet.) Now, if you see some spam emails coming on to this disposable email address. You don’t have to wonder where this spam is coming from. The people you signed up for the newsletter probably sold your email address to a third party, so you are getting spam emails now.


How to Use Spam Gourmet to Stop Spammers?

So, what can you do to stop spammers or the bad guys from spamming your Inbox now? Simple – just login to your Spam Gourmet account and delete the said disposable email address. Sure, you will not get the newsletter now, but you’ll be saved from a lot of spam if they sold your disposable email address. If you don’t want to delete your disposable email address, you can set a lower number value in the address, like 5 or even lesser. It will stop forwarding you any email after the 5th email to that address.

This way, you can use a lot of disposable email addresses, one for each service or signup. What I do is to name the disposable email address the same as the website or the service I want to signup. This makes it easy for me to identify which website or service has sold my disposable address, so disposing that email address becomes easier.

Yahoo Mail also has such a facility to stop spammers, except that there’s no numerical option, but other email services don’t. Do you use any disposable email addresses? Which one do you use, and why? I’d be interested to know of any other free and better disposable email service. Let me know in the comments if you know of better ones.


Featured Image Credits: DerekSteen, Calgary Reviews