Search Files Faster With Everything / A Program to Search Files Faster


This post tells you what happened to my Windows Search and how I started using a little proggy called ‘Everything’ to search for files. This program is small in size but great on features and searches your files instantly. The best program I have used to search files. This is my 16th day post at UBC.

I’m using Windows XP on my laptop. Are you surprised? It’s an old Compaq laptop, a 2007 model. I didn’t use Windows 7 much, so still have Windows XP. You’d say support for XP is going away next year. But many of you might be using this little proggy to search files too. There are still a lot of Windows XP users worldwide. Okay, so what am I going to talk about Windows XP here? It’s about the Windows feature to search files which I’m going to talk about.

A few years ago, there was an update for the Windows XP search files feature and I had to download a hefty program from Microsoft to update the search. I think it was version 4.0 something. It updated and crippled my Windows XP installation from being able to search anything. Even till today, it’s that way. I didn’t want to re-install Windows just because of this small a problem.

I Googled a little bit and quickly found out that there was a small proggy called ‘Everything’, which many users praised  and it was a very nice, simple and fast search files program – faster than the Windows built-in file search. Now, I had used DOS, Linux/UNIX in the past for many years and knew how fast a search program can be. I downloaded the little program ‘Everything’ and ran it for the first time. It indexed all my hard drive partitions quickly. I tried searching for a few files and the search was as instant as you get in Google instant search. You know what Google Instant is, right? Whenever you start typing a word, the suggestions that Google gives is what this Google Instant does. Everything is similar in this respect – as you start typing a file name, it gives you a list of results based on the number of characters or words you have typed in the Everything search bar. How cool is that?


Everything doesn’t take a lot of memory like the Windows search assistant or whatever it is called, which requires .NET and other such things to slow down your system. Once installed, Everything quietly sits in the system tray and you can double-click it to search files or folders on your computer. No one uses or needs a search program regularly, but whenever I needed its help, Everything has never disappointed me and gave me results very quickly. Sometimes I have used it to search for filenames which I had forgotten. It still helped me locate those files easily.

Even if it’s a program that you might use only occasionally, it will still save you lots of time to search files and folders. I haven’t used the Windows 7 search much but I have heard bad things about it too, and that it’s crippled. So, even if you’re using Windows 7, this little proggy called ‘Everything’ can surely help you. I’m myself using this little proggy and it has never disappointed me. I love this small program. Did I tell you it’s completely free and without any adware/malware?

Download ‘Everything’ from VoidTools here. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about this program or if you’re skeptical to download and use it. Even the website has an FAQ section which you can read. Happy file searching and I’ll post again about something nice tomorrow.



Featured Image Credit: hoyasmeg (via Flickr)