You can view below the work samples, I’ve done. If you wish to view them in full screen, just click the arrow mark on the right side of each sample and it would open in a new full-screen window.

1. First, I’ll include here my Technical Blog, which I started last year. Even though it doesn’t have many posts (just three) at the moment, you can see my writing style for technical articles in the posts. I’ll be updating that technical blog very soon, with more posts. I already have content for some more technical posts ready.

Savvy Tech Writer (Blog Link)

2. Please take a look at my blog posts at xpdrivers blog at (They’ve deleted my username and assigned  my posts to another user now) to know the quality of articles or posts I have done in the past. The link above and the author (that’s me) have been changed but my posts still remain on the above site. Under the following two categories, all the posts (except the first post in the backup category by Jessica) are mine: (Blog Category Link – Many Posts on a Single Page) (Blog Category Link – Many Posts on a Single Page)

The above are just a few of my posts. There were more which have been moved to other categories or troubleshooting etc and can’t be easily located without spending too much time browsing all the old posts. But you can easily see that my posts have a much bigger font than the others’ posts. This is the only way left at the moment you can identify my posts on XP Drivers. If anyone wants proof whether the above posts are by me, I can provide that, on request.

3. Created help pages for 3 email client software programs for
These were a few email client software programs which were not listed on FastMail.FM at that time (2003) and they were looking for people who would do this kind of freelance work for them since they were quite busy with support and other tweaks for the service.

4A. Pocomail. This small email client program is noted for its safety and protection from viruses.

Pocomail (Webpage Link)

4B. The Bat! I myself use The Bat because it’s so feature rich. There’s almost nothing you can not do with The Bat! It also supports templates and scripting to automate tasks.

The Bat (Webpage Link).

4C. Becky. It’s  a small email client program but nice in features.

Becky (Webpage Link)

5. Technical Stuff for Windows and Linux

My very old Technical Blog where I intended to post Tips, Tricks, mini-Howtos etc on Windows and Linux. This blog wasn’t maintained but still has a few posts by me which you can view to know my writing style. This was done in the year 2008-09.

Teknostuff (Blog Link)

6. Survival Howto

My Survival Blog, started at the same time as the above blog, intended to have howto articles and posts about survival. This is one of the topics I’m interested in. But, I couldn’t maintain it, so this one also hardly has any posts. Again, you can view the posts to know my writing style.

Survival Howto (Blog Link)

7. This is a “technical documentation” work I did on odesk about how to transcribe distrowatch to podcast. This was in the year 2009, for Dr. Andrew Bob Perry (A Math Professor in the U.S.).

[gview file=”Distrowatch-to-Podcast-Transcription-Instructions.pdf”]

8. Notes on User Creation and Validation for Virtual Quest Software, an educational software company where I worked for a little time as typist and proof-reader.

[gview file=”Notes-on-User-Creation-and-Validation-for-Virtual-Quest-Software.pdf”]

9. Notes on how to install the Virtual Quest software that the educational software company developed.

[gview file=”Virtual-Quest-Software-Installation-Notes.pdf”]

10. These are a list of errors and solutions from my experience, after installing the educational software at the client end.

[gview file=”VQ-Errors-and-Solutions.pdf”]

11. Articles for VIM Beginner’s User Guide
These are a set of articles I wrote for a client on oDesk, which were meant to be for a beginner’s guide for VIM (an editor in Linux/UNIX systems). These are set of 7 articles (chapter 1 to chapter 7).

[gview file=”Article_1_What_is_VIM.pdf”]


[gview file=”Article_2_VIM_Modes_Short_Version.pdf”]


[gview file=”Article_3_Table-Format-of-Articles-2-6-7_New.pdf”]


[gview file=”Article_4_Getting-Started-with-ViM.pdf”]


[gview file=”Article_5_ViM-for-MS-Windows.pdf”]


[gview file=”Article_6_Undo-and-Redo-in-VIM_Short_Version.pdf”]


[gview file=”Article_7_Vim-Search-and-Replace.pdf”]