My First Real Post and the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Ultimate Blog Challenge Banner

It’s been about a week, I started this writer site and blog, but this is my first real blog post for this blog. And, I’m happy to say I’m writing this post after I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’d say I was lucky to have found this site through Amy Scott of Nomadtopia on her facebook group.

Ultimate Blog Challenge starts today, 1st October and everyone who participates in this challenge, writes a blog post daily on their blog for the whole month. This challenge is a virtual event for bloggers, held every quarter. That’s 4 times an year. So, I think I was lucky to come to know about it just two days ago.

There are a few, simple rules about posting and what other things need to be done after posting which you can read at Ultimate Blog Challenge. But, basically, once you write a blog post, you then have to post the link to your blog post on the UBC facebook page and on the twitter hashtag #blogboost. In addition to this, you also visit fellow bloggers’ posts and comment on one or two of the posts. This way, all of us help each other to increase traffic to our blogs.

In addition to this, when you write a blog post daily for a month (that’s 31 times a month) , it helps you form a habit of writing daily. This is where most new bloggers fail. Even I have failed the last few times and stopped posting on my blogs previously. But, this time, UBC will help me form this into a habit. And once I form this habit, I’ve won half the blog success battle. As the saying goes – “The ladder of success is half-won, when one gains the habit of work“. Many productivity gurus agree that when you do something daily for about a month (some say it’s more than 21 days, for others, it’s a month.), you have formed it into a habit. And, each time you repeat, you just make that habit stronger and stronger. This is why strong habits are very hard to break. Strong habits are deep-rooted and are called resolves.

Okay, we shouldn’t even think about failing here, but what if one doesn’t post on all the 31 days of the month? What if you don’t get good ideas for your blog posts? You still gain something and won’t lose anything by writing blog posts. You still get comments and people visiting your blog. So, you gain, whether you are able to write for the whole month or for less. About ideas – don’t worry. You’ll start getting a daily email from Mischelle about some ideas on which you can write blog posts. I have thought to write for both my blogs – Raspal Writes, and Savvy Tech Writer – daily. So, this should give me double gain.

On the facebook group, I asked someone what do we get if we win the challenge. Of course, I had asked in jest. But isn’t the satisfaction much more than any physical prize we could get for winning? And , you also get an increment to your blog traffic as well as a blogger community.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about another similar group I joined. It’s similar because it’s about writing blog posts but it’s much different than Ultimate Blog Challenge. I still have to write a post on Savvy Tech Writer, where I haven’t posted in months.