My First Five Minute Friday Post – “Write”

Today’s Five Minute Friday Prompt was “Write”. Well, I’ve been writing the last few days, on both my blogs, daily. This started when I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This is a group of people, who, like Five Minute Friday, write a daily blog post about any topic, instead of on a single given prompt. ANd then, they post the link to their blog post, on facebook UBC group and twitter hashtag #blogboost. ANd this way, they get some visits and comments on their blog posts.

I hadn’t thought that I could write a blog post daily. Now, I write two posts a day – one for my and the other one for my technical blog at . As I keep writing daily, more and more ideas come to me and I don’t have to think much about what to write. At other times, I just write about how I solved a particular computer or WordPress problem. Once I start to write, the flow starts naturally and everything happens almost automatically. It’s as if I have been a writer for ages. šŸ™‚

You should really visit this website called or their facebook page at and join us, if you have a blog and are facing trouble writing regular blog posts. Just join and experience the joy of writing daily, and also see how the traffic to your blog shoots up fast.

That’s all for today. A very short blog post, but I wrote for both – Five Minute Friday, as well as for Ultimate Blog Challenge. This is an unedited post, so don’t come back to me saying that this post contains grammatical errors or typos, etc. šŸ™‚