How to Make a Rope Ladder?



I remember how much we used to dislike tying knots when they were taught in school, during the scout period. I’m sure if the importance of these knots was explained, we would have been more interested in learning these even then.

You would say, why do you need a ladder made out of a rope, when you can easily buy a wooden or aluminum ladder from the market. But no, a rope ladder has special importance. Firstly, it’s easy to keep in a bag, secondly, it doesn’t have much weight, thirdly it’s flexible and fourthly, it can be untied and the rope can be used in other ways.

This is one knot that I instantly liked very much. Haven’t had a use for this yet, but who knows. I think everyone should know how to make a rope knot in addition to knowing a few basic knots. These can save some lives. I had once read that using such a rope ladder with very thick ropes, an Elephant which fell into a canal, climbed up on its own and was saved. Of course, the men around made the ladder, not the Elephant! 🙂 But it was wise enough to climb up the ladder on its own.

I know some of you maybe already knowing about this rope ladder, but I like it so I wanted to share this one here. In my childhood, I had seen a Bruce Lee movie (I think it was Enter the Dragon), in which he used a simple knotted rope to get down into an underground secret place. That knotted rope ladder is easier to make, but harder to use for everyone. Also, everyone may not be able to use their foot thumb and index finger to hold on to the knots and climb properly.

Here’s a nice YouTube video, showing how to make the  type of rope ladder I mentioned above:


This rope ladder is harder to make than the knotted ladder, but once made, it’s easier to use. It does take a long piece of rope to make it. It also depends how much wide each of the ‘footstep’ of this ladder is and how many loops we make. We should first try using a small rope and when we h ave practiced enough and know how much rope it takes to make one rung, we can multiply the length used, to as many rungs and the length we need.

We also need some kind of anchor to use with this rope, as well as with the knotted rope.

Have you ever used rope knots? Which ones? Let me know in the comments below, about the one you like most.


Featured Image Credit: elfsternberg