How to get Paid Software Programs Completely Free, Legally?



I mentioned in my last two posts, I was to write part three of “The Story of my Mobile Phone”, but I see that very few people have read the first two parts. So, I’m not writing the third part at this time. Will write it later some day. For today, I’m writing about how to get paid software programs for free. And no, you don’t have to take surveys for this to work.

Maybe some of you have already heard or might have used it, but I have used this website / service for many years and still use it sometimes. Especially, when I need a particular software for which the free programs don’t provide the features I’m looking for. I’ve got some really great software programs on my computer, this way.

It’s called GAOTD in short, for Give Away of the Day. You can check it out. They give away just one free software program every day. Note that this is not pirated version or any illegal version of the program – it’s directly from the software vendor or developer or company. It’s available for download for 24 hours only, once they mention about it on the website. It actually depends how long the developer wants to give it for free. Most give it free for one day only, but some give for more time. This website also gives away free games, so if you love wasting time, you can check that out too. I don’t play games, so I never tried downloading any of them.

One thing to remember when using this service or website is that, whatever programs you download, can’t be re-downloaded or re-installed if you have to re-install your Windows. It simply means that you can’t install the programs on any other day than when they are available for download. So, what I do is to have an image backup of my C Drive (Many users just have one drive or partition and they can backup just that). You maybe able to get another, later version of the program you were using, but the one which was installed on your computer when GAOTD provided it free, can’t be re-installed. I’ll talk more on image backup programs and how to use them, in another post.

This is a great way of trying out new programs to see whether you like them or not. And you don’t have to spend on them. They are also better than the “try before you buy” types of programs which have limitations, or expire within a few days to a month. You don’t have such problems with the programs you get from GAOTD. So, check out the website and download the program given  away for free today, if you  like. If you don’t like today’s giveaway, simply open the website some other day and if you like the program, download and install it. There have been times when I wanted a particular program but didn’t want to pay for it, and visiting GAOTD, I got a program which did what I wanted (from another program). Sometimes, you can even get the exact program you were looking for.

You can also read some of the comments on the program page and can leave your own comments too, if you feel there’s something that the developer or the software company should know.

This is my 14th day post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Do let me know in the comments below, how you liked this post. What other kinds of posts or topics would you like me to write? If you have a technical question or a problem, you can contact me and I can try to solve it for you.


Featured Image Credit: striatic (via Flickr)