Get 50% off on Blogger’s Guides – Less Than 12 Hours Left

Today, I purchased the four pack of Blogger’s Guides at 50% off from Ali Ventures. This is something I had been looking for since more than an year. I had even downloaded sample chapters from each of Ali’s guides (get on to her newsletter list, if you want the free samples too, which are like 5 chapters for each book – no less.). It was her  birthday on 12th December and like previous year, this year too, she’s giving away her Blogger’s Guides at half the price, for charity.

Read more about who she’ll be using this charity for, HERE. Even though I have just bought the blogger’s guides myself, I have read enough about them from Kelly Gurnett whom I know since a while too. You can find the review from The Write Life, HERE  (I know Kelly writes great and truthful reviews which can’t be wrong). You can also read more reviews at Blogger’s Guides. If you’re new to blogging, or even if you’re an expert, these guides will surely help you gain a lot of knowledge and experience which Ali has shared with her clean heart and concise writing. You also get some bonuses if you purchase the four pack or the Blogger’s Guide to Effective Writing. Ali’s also planned to give away some videos along with these guides.

The payment option is paypal only, but you can easily use your credit card to make a payment. I don’t have one, so asked a friend to pay for me. I’m glad I bought these in time. I’ll write a detailed review on each of the four guides once I read each of them fully.

This is mentioned on Aliventures, but let me remind you – this 50% offer expires 12 AM Pacific time, so act fast so you don’t have to wait for an year like I did! Go grab one of the Blogger’s Guides for $14.50 or the whole pack for $33. Did I say you have a 30 days 6 months money back guarantee even with the 50% off? (1 year for The Blogger’s Guide to Irresistible Ebooks) What more can you expect? You have nothing to lose.