Seven Free, Downloadable Headline Resources (e-Books)

Did the above headline catch your attention and want you to read this post? Probably, yes. Why? Because it told you, you could get seven free resources (e-books) on headlines and that too for free.

Writing exceptional headlines is a skill in itself. How many people read your post depends on the headline. If you write a headline which is all about you, hardly anyone will read the post.

But, if there’s something in the headline for them, many people will come and read the post. This doesn’t mean you just write great headlines and then put anything in the post. The post should be good and valuable too.

It’s the headline, which makes people click to read the post. You can say, headlines are the 1st step to copywriting.

You may not know but the success of Apple products was due to one-line headlines by Steve Jobs. Copywriters very well know how important headlines are.

When I started blogging, I didn’t know the importance of headlines, though I wrote good headlines.

Since many years, I had been writing good and catchy e-mail subject lines, so writing decent headlines for blog posts was natural for me. I just didn’t know this is a skill which can be mastered and will get big results.

Many months ago, I had read about and had even download Jon Morrow’s Headline Hacks PDF, but kept it somewhere on the computer’s hard drive. That was all.

I didn’t read or practice it. Recently, I printed it out because i like to read printed books better than e-books.

Later, I also searched for and downloaded many other e-books on headlines from other great bloggers. I printed all of these and made a spiral bound book. I’m currently reading these every few days.

All of these headlines-related e-books are a great resource, if you wish to learn better headline-writing skills.

So, here are the links to the 7 PDF e-books on writing headlines. Some of them are a worksheet and others will help you create more headlines:

1. Headline Hacks, a Cheat Sheet by Jon Morrow

2. Magnetic Headlines by Brain Clark of Copy Blogger

3. 102 Headline Writing Formulas by Chris Garrett

4. 43 Powerfully Simple Headline Templates by Michelle Shaeffer

5. 101 Headline Formulas by Peter Sandeen

6. The Headline Shaker Maker by Amy Harrison

7. Headlines That Sell from

Out of the above 7 PDFs, I have the first 5 printed into a spiral bound book, always kept nearby. Some of the above are worksheets and others are lists of headlines which you can modify and use on your own blog posts.

Do you give some time thinking and writing headlines for your blog posts? Do you use any other headline resources that the ones mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below.


Featured Image Credit: John Ragai, Diane Cordell (via Flickr)