Five Minute Friday – What is it?


Yesterday, I wrote about the Ultimate Blog Challenge, which I joined and that I will be writing a blog post every day for the next 31 30 days.

There’s also another writing group I joined a day or two before I found UBC. it’s called Five Minute Friday. Each Friday night at 12.01 AM EST, Lisa-jo posts a topic at the Five Minute Friday website and everyone who joins, writes on this same topic for 5 minutes only. There’s no editing, proof-reading or any worry needed about mistakes or typos. Just submit the link to your 5 minute un-edited post on Lisa’s Five Minute Friday page. Lisa calls this five minutes of focused writing.

Just like at UBC, at FMF too there’s a rule to visit the link of the person who commented above you, and encourage or comment on their blog or their comment at the Five Minute Friday page (if they don’t have a blog). You don’t need to have a blog and still can write and comment on Five Minute Friday.

That’s nice, I thought, and I’d join them this Friday. But, UBC with daily posting is much nicer. Both have their positive points. UBC gives you the freedom to write on any topic you wish, and Five Minute Friday gives you the topic to write on, and you can’t write on just any topic that you can think on. This is unlike at UBC, but it helps develop our writing ability too. Both have their own advantage and help you in different ways.

At this time, I’m a little skeptical whether I’d be able to write on any prompt that Lisa gives. This is not because I’m worried about not being able to write. I’m a little skeptical only because I found some prompts uncomfortable for me to write on, from Lisa’s blog. Anyway, there’s no problem in trying and joining and it’s a good way to perfect our writing. So, if you wish to join with me and are ready to spare 5 minutes to write on any topic Lisa-jo gives this Friday night, head over to Five Minute Friday

Unlike UBC, which goes on for only 31 days, this Five Minute Friday goes on 365 days, an year. But, it’s just once a week and that too for just 5 minutes. That’s all for today. Will come back with something special tomorrow.