First FMF Prompt of 2015 – WELCOME


Belcome. That’s what I tweeted to someone who thanked me for wishing her for her birthday. And, a little while later, I found out that this was the prompt at today’s Five Minute Friday Party.

I started thinking, why does one reply with the word welcome, when someone thanks us? Does it mean, they’re welcome to thank us again? I’m not sure how this thing started.

Well, this word is also written on the doors in many homes. But, strange thing is they keep the doors shut and put this word on it. Does it not look strange to you? Maybe if they kept it open and then wrote it, the thieves would think they’re welcome to enter the house at any time.

Oh, well, it’s already five minutes and that’s all I could write today. Will write more, next time. Thanks for reading.


Photo Credit: Flood G. (via Flickr)