Have You Ever Used This Cool Gadget?



Do you use a mouse? You’d say, Of course, I do! Okay, do you use some kind of wrist rest, when using the mouse for long durations? Okay, okay, I know many of you do. But, I don’t. That’s why I sometimes feel itching and pain near the end of the palm (the part which touches the table when moving or using the mouse). I don’t have this problem regularly, but only when using the mouse for very long durations. I don’t know what this is called. Probably RSI or CTS if I remember. Whatever it’s called, it’s not good. Previously when we had roller-ball type of mice, we needed a mouse pad, but many people don’t use it nowadays since the new optical mice work well without them too. Mine is a laptop but I dislike using the trackpad, so I use a small Logitech mouse which fits the hand very nicely, and without a mouse pad, like many other people. As using it for long hurts my wrist, I searched for some kind of wrist rest that would help my hand when using the mouse for long. I found some nice gel mouse pads, but also found one that could be fitted on the table end or even on the chair handle. This is much better than the gel mouse pads because it gives rest to not only your wrist but also to your arm, when using the mouse. Cool_Gadgets This is a nice and cool product as far as I’ve read. It’s quite easy and quick to attach and remove to a table end or chair armrest even by a layman. Have you heard of this product? It’s called Restman. They have two versions. One is called the Restman – I and the other is called the mini Restman or Restman – II. This mini Restman is a mini version and you can’t use the mouse over it. It’s jsut for resting your forearm. You have to use a normal mouse pad with it. But still, it’s a great buy. It’s also cheaper than the Restman – I. And, it can fold along the table when not in use. What kind of mousepad do you use? If you use any special kind, please let me know in the comments below. Have you seen any version of the Restman arm supports or used one ever? Tell me if you have, and how did you like it because I’m about to get this one soon.