How to make an easy notes organizer to jot down quick notes?


Since time immemorial, I have searched for an easy notes organizer which doesn’t need me to do much to use it or learn a lot. I kept trying many different note and computer based organizer programs, but didn’t quite like anyone for ease of use. Some were surely easy, but lacked some features, others were too complex and required me to pay for using them. Then, there was the big giant called MS Outlook, which I did like but it wasn’t easy either, and it would crash itself or even the computer, at times. I disliked this. So, I continued my search for an easy notes organizer which I could use anywhere, without any problem and it should start instantly. Sometimes I have used some notes programs which would take so long to start, I would have forgotten what I wanted to jot about.

Now, I have a smart phone with a full qwerty keypad which works great for taking notes and such. I even type full blog posts like this one, on the phone itself, if I’m away from my laptop, or if in bed. But there are times when the phone battery runs very low and charging isn’t possible soon or impractical. For such times I always have another great organizer in my pocket.

It’s called a pocketmod. Maybe some of you have heard about it. A modified version of this pocketmod is also called as the hipster PDA, even though it’s by no means a digital assistant. Anyway, it’s very easy to make. You just need a single sheet of A4 sized paper and a little time to fold it as per instructions. And your pocket organizer and note taker is ready to obey your commands, that is, take notes. I make it in about a minute. You get 8 pocket-sized pages to make notes on. There’s a small software program called “re:pocketmod” available for free, using which you can print different things on the paper sheet you’d use as a pocketmod. It’s available from here and you can try it out. I use it sometimes to make the pocketmod ruled.

It can have a lot of different uses, depending on the person. Some people use it to store grocery lists, others use it for other things. I use it for jotting down some blog post ideas or a short rough draft for a blog post. Sure you can’t transfer the written text with a click of a button or a USB cable, but it’s easy to type the text once it’s written down on paper.

There are times when I forget what I wish to jot down, by the time I open the correct notes app on my phone. There have been times when I had jotted a long note on the phone and lost it for one reason or the other. For such times, the pocketmod is very handy, useful and faster to use than opening a notes app on the phone.

You can read more or view the YouTube video how to create a pocketmod here. Here’s the link to re:pocketmod, which you can use to download and print the mod you like, before creating your pocketmod.

Which notes program do you use to jot down some quick notes? Don’t you wish your notes organizer was easier to use? If yes, then try out this pocketmod and let me know how you liked it, and also about the ones you use, in the comments below. I always keep some in my leather wallet, handy to use anytime, anywhere.


Feature Image Credit: muteboy, Eat your greens