This is How I Completed the Ultimate Blog Challenge and Won a Badge

On October 1, I started with the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Read the 10 reasons you should join this challenge here. In short, it’s a challenge to write a blog post on your blog, daily for 31 days. I completed this challenge on 31st October and got a badge from Ultimate Blog Challenge. There were many more who participated in the challenge and got the badge too.

It was a great experience for me. Some days it was difficult for me to keep up because I had problems with my webhost and the blog was down. Still, I managed to write extra drafts in the last week and posted them in the last three days.

Now, I feel as if it was child’s play. I had started the challenge with both my blogs (Savvy Tech Writer and this one), but stopped posting on the technical blog due to time. It was getting difficult to write posts for both the blogs.

I did one mistake which I think you can avoid – I gave a lot of time and thinking to SEO for each of my posts. This used to take time. I use WordPress SEO by YOAST and previously used All-in-one SEO. I spent a lot of time on these plugins. I stopped doing this the last three days of the challenge. I think you don’t need to write your posts with SEO when writing for the blog challenge. These things can be tweaked later on.

Okay, here’s the badge from Ultimate Blog Challenge, if you want to see it:

UBC-completedIt’s also displayed in the right side bar. You might have to scroll down to view it in the side bar.

What next? I had thought of continuing the challenge unofficially for the next two months too (November and December), but I want to do some other things now. I can surely do a blog post daily, but I need to pay attention on other things related to the blog/website too. I’ll also start posting on my technical blog once again, now that I’ve completed the challenge.

When I stopped posting on my technical blog, I started  posting the technical articles on this blog. There were already many other topics and categories on this  blog and now they became too many different and diverse topics. So I want to keep the technical stuff on the other blog. This doesn’t mean I will remove the already published technical posts. They’ll remain here as they were part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

I had put a poll which domain name to use for my technical blog out of and during the first week of the challenge, but didn’t get much response to it. Anyway, I think I’ll go with as it sounds nice, contains three Ts and the word tips is a nice one – tells the visitor what to expect on the blog.

Amy Scott of nomadtopia was the one who introduced me to the Ultimate Blog Challenge and now she again introduced me to another blog challenge, a bigger one. It’s called ContentPalooza. It’s the non-fiction version of NaNoWriMo. What you need to do is to just write about 1,000 words a day or 30,000 words till the end of the month. Or you can have 30 infographics made at the end of the month since each image is equal to a thousand words. Or, a combination of the words and images. Both these writing challenges happen in the month of November only, unlike the Ultimate Blog Challenge, which happens four times an year.

If I didn’t want to promote my blog and other things to do at the moment, I’d have joined and easily passed the challenge. If you know, most of my posts on this blog went near to or more than a thousand words. Definitely, I could have written a thousand word blog post daily. But, I’ll probably wait for a few months before again accepting any blog challenge. I’m still doing the Five Minute Friday writing promt each week. It’s not a challenge but it’s fun and helps a lot in writing.

If you took part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, were you able to complete the challenge and win the badge? Let me know in the comments below.