Why 60% Prices End With a 9?


Why 60% Prices End With a 9?

I just read an interesting post at Daniel Scocco’s Blog, Daily Blog Tips about why are a lot of prices ending with a 9. He also mentioned about an MIT study saying it increases sales on prices ending with 9. You must have surely seen this on a lot many deals this Black Friday. read more about this on the above link. Here is my perspective, which is very different.

I have also wondered why people use the 9 in the price tag. I used to think it was just a psychological thing. They must be thinking it’s lesser than the two figure 10, 30, 40, 100 or whatever. But, a few years ago I came to know this number 9 had some spiritual meaning associated with it.

This number 9 was given special importance even in ancient India. Even 2500 years ago, there were the so-called “9 gems” which are precious stones and said to bring harmony, health, peace etc in life. They are even used today in not just India, but in many countries and cultures. These 9 are there for a reason and 8 of these represent the emperors of the Golden age (worshiped as deities in India). The 9th one is the Incorporeal God Himself. People also wear a ring made up of one of these stones to cure them of some ills and they say it works.

Another thing I remember about the number 9 is, Emperor Akbar also had 9 gems (called the nav-ratan) in his court. These were the super great experts in one art or the other, of his time. Birbal, the so-called witty and wise was also one of them.

So, the number 9 does have some spiritual meaning and had been used in ancient times too. There’s also a necklace called the “nav lakha haar“, which means a necklace worth 9 lakhs. And this also is from ancient India. These were worn by Queens. And, 9 lakhs at the time meant a lot, lot more in today’s currency since they used to use gold coins too at the time.

I can tell a short story which has a spiritual meaning but it’s connected to this so-called necklace of 9 lakhs, the “nav lakha haar“.

A queen had such a necklace. One day she forgot that the necklace was in her neck. When she woke up from sleep, she started searching for the necklace. She asked her maids whether they had seen the necklace. The maids, although saw the queen wearing the necklace, didn’t dare to tell her she had forgotten it and was wearing it already, fearing her wrath.

The queen was very sad due to this. After sometime, a sage came to her and on asking him, he told the queen that she was searching for something which was already in her neck. The moral of this story is – peace is within us and we’re searching for peace outside us.

Do you have a different perspective, why is the number 9 given so much importance in sales? Please let me know in the comments below.


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