6 Additional Reasons to use Windows Live Writer Over Online Blog Editors

In a previous post on Savvy Tech Writer, you read 7 reasons to use Windows Live Writer over online blog editors. In this post, you will read 6 additional reasons to use Windows Live Writer.

6 Additional Reasons to use Windows Live Writer Over Online Blog Editors

1. If there is lesser space on your webhosting account, or if you want to do this for any other reason, you can have your images uploaded to an FTP server automatically, and linked to your blog post. When a used views your blog post, the images will be served by the FTP server instead of your webhost. This is transparent to the visitors. This can be setup in your blog account settings.

2. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, using WLW would be easier. WLW has a much cleaner interface than MS Word because of lesser options. Newbies don’t have to learn using the online editors like in WordPress and Blogger.

3. WLW can autobackup your drafts locally on your computer. In addition, you can copy your WLW drafts folder to Dropbox from time to time, for additional safety. For backing up drafts and posts on WordPress, you need some good plugins and the best ones cost quite a lot, especially for new bloggers. There are some which backup the database only, but if a newbie needs to restore the database, it can be difficult. On the other hand, restoring WLW drafts or posts is as easy as copying the file back and double-clicking it. You can even open WLW posts which in your backup folder, without copying.

4. You can use WLW even if you lose your Internet connection, which has happened with me in the past. You can’t edit or compose new posts on WordPress or other blogs, if you aren’t online. Sure, you can compose your posts in notepad or other text editors and then paste into WordPress when you get online later, but in WLW you can preview the posts just as you compose and you can format the posts as you would like it to appear online. You can’t do this in text editors.

5. You can go to a garden or a public place and write your blog post draft on your netbook even without an Internet connection, and still be able to preview how it would look online on your blog. When you get back home and connect to the Internet, just hit the publish button and it’d be go live in a jiffy! How simple is that? Compare this to writing a blog post draft in notepad/WordPad/MS Word or other such text editors and paste it into WordPress later. I’ve had formatting problems with copy-pasting posts before, in such cases. This may have changed in the recent versions of WordPress, but some problems are still there from time to time.

6. You don’t have to remember how to use different online blog editors and still be able to publish to them right from within WLW. Using WLW is much simpler than learning two or three different blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Windows Live Spaces. Now, why would you learn more than one online blog editor? Say, you started with Blogger and then switched over to WordPress.com and now you recently moved one of your blogs to self-hosted WordPress. You’d surely like to use WLW rather than remembering how to use all these online blog editors.

You can find a short post on how to download and install Windows Live Writer here.

How did you find this post? Did it make you download and use Windows Live Writer? Let me know in the comments below, what do you use to writer or compose blog posts.