13 Reasons Why I Blog

Recently, I got the first e-mail lesson from Jane Sheeba ‘s “Blogging Success Foundation e-course” to which I had subscribed a while ago. The subject read “So Raspal, why do you blog?

Even though Jane asked to come up with THE reason why I blog, I came up with many. These are the reasons which came to my mind when I thought about this question and all of these are the reasons WHY I blog :

1. Because I love to write

I have always loved to write. I loved to write letters and then e-mails. I was good at the technical part of e-mail on one side but I loved to write e-mails on the other side too. Some friends and acquaintances knew that I am good at writing. Even I had seen myself write, revise, edit and make a very good article or something for someone. But I still didn’t realize I was good at writing until I started working online from home. This was when I started writing for others, be it for tech support, ebooks or for blogs.

2. Because I love to help and share

This is another thing which others had been telling me about. I remember once my PD class was made to write some positive and negative points about each other. Others wrote about me that I was good at helping and sharing. Actually, everyone likes to help and it’s inherent human nature, what we get, we like to give and share.

3. Because I love to surf the web and research new things about computers and technology

I’m a DIY guy who likes to do something himself, if possible. Even as a kid, I used to open and unscrew my toys to understand how they actually worked. I spoiled some of them this way but that’s how I started learning how stuff works.

4. Because I want to connect with more people and make new friends

Now, this is mostly because I don’t get to interact much with people and that’s because I’m at home most of the time. I have to be at home due to some illnesses. Everyone knows man is a social animal and can’t live without social interaction. Even though I had been an introvert since childhood, in the recent years, I like to mix with people and chat and talk.

5. Because I am good at writing and grammar

I already said I love to write. I think, not everyone who loves to write is good at writing. I didn’t learn most of English grammar when in school. I also hated composition. I remember I always used to leave the essay questions unanswered in exams. I also never studied the essay writing or letter writing books. I didn’t like writing essays and letters or anything long coming out of my brains. This somehow changed later when I started writing letters and e-mails. I was told to be the best in grammar in my class. But I didn’t work on making my grammar perfect. I don’t know why I was good at grammar then. It was something I carried forward from previous births, it seems. šŸ™‚

6. Because blogging would get me back into some of the hobbies and interests which I left long ago.

You will see a lot of different categories if you click the categories link on the top right. Except one or two of my hobbies, I have most of them here as categories. What I couldn’t keep as a hobby for some reason or the other, I can write about and this will not keep me dissatisfied, thinking I couldn’t do this or that. Blogging about hobbies I wanted to go into, but couldn’t, are also in the list. I may add more categories to this list, later.

7. Because writing/blogging makes me feel I accomplished something

Now, this is something everyone writing or blogging feels after they have written or published an article or aĀ  blog post. This is not just my reason but everyone who writes feels this way too. Even if we don’t share what we write, we still feel having accomplished something. For example, whenever I just jot down a list of things hovering in my mind on to my pocketmod, I feel very light on one side and as if having accomplished those tasks on the other side.

8. Because a blog is my online portfolio

I have a writer site which I’ll eventually separate from this blog domain. I have a separate portfolio page but my blog is an online portfolio of my writing too. And, this writing portfolio keeps on increasing as I keep adding blog posts. Any client wanting to hire me as a writer would look at my blog and can tell whether I’m a good fit for them or not.

9. To overcome stress

I have seen blogging or writing helps me overcome stress at times. It seems difficult to begin writing at such times but when I start, it’s easy to keep writing and after some time I’ve overcome stress. Writing or blogging is a good remedy for stress.

10.To make my writing (and thinking) better

Now, this one is out of my experience of blogging for the 31 days challenge, last October. Even after writing just for a month, I felt my writing had improved. And, better writing means better thinking too. And, both of these mean better income, don’t you think?

11. To keep a digital record or journal of my writing

You may say I can do this even on my computer using some journaling software programs. But, having it online has its advantages. One is, it’s easy to search and it won’t be lost even if my computer crashes. I have lost a lot of hand written How-To notes a few years ago and lost hard disk data too. This is not an issue with blogs, provided I backup regularly, which I do.

12. To learn more about blogging

Again, this may sound silly to some, but it isn’t. You might ask, why write/blog about blogging when I’m still learning? One thing is, by writing or blogging about what I learn, I remember much better. It’s the same for everyone. Don’t you remember the quote: “I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand” ? What better way to understand doing blogging than to blog, try it and keep practicing blogging?!

13. Because I want to make money

I purposely put this reason the last, but this surely is one of the reasons I blog for. Because at present I don’t have regular income. But people with usual jobs blog too and for making money too. This may sound a little awkward to some people but this is a reason for blogging for many people. That doesn’t mean earning by blogging is black money.

What are the reasons you started blogging? Surely, making money isn’t the only one. Share your reasons in the comments below.


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