10 Reasons You Should Join the Ultimate Blog Challenge



These are the 10 reasons why you should join the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This is my 6th day blog post for the UBC challenge. I borrowed the idea from Michelle’s email which she sent today.


1. Get help from others on the list

You can get help from a very big group of people who do the same thing as you – write daily blog posts for 31 days. Nearly 4,000 people are on the list.

2. Form a good habit

Your daily writing becomes a habit in 31 days. Many productivity gurus say that it takes about a month of regular practice to form any habit. So, once you have completed this UBC challenge, you have developed a good habit. And you should pat your back for this.

3. Connect with other Bloggers

You get to know many other bloggers by communicating with them, commenting on their blogs and by sharing on Facebook and Twitter. I had hardly ever used Facebook and Twitter, though I had accounts on both. I was wary of using these two, thinking that they are just for wasting time. But, now I like to use them, related to blogging and writing. Through Facebook and Twitter, I now know other bloggers and writers.

4. Increase Traffic

Traffic to your blog increases as a result of joining and participating in the challenge. This is actually a side effect. You regularly comment on others’ blogs and others comment on yours. This helps in SEO and traffic to your blog increases, which is good for everyone who participates in the challenge.

5. Better your Writing

Your writing becomes better and better every day. Since practice makes a man perfect, this writing practice surely perfects our writing, the more we keep writing.

6. Increase your writing confidence

Your confidence of a being able to write daily blog posts increases. Previously, I never had thought of being able to write or post daily on my blogs. I had thought of doing it and even tried, but failed. In fact, I have two blogs which I started back in 2009 and one in 2012, which I failed posting regularly at. Now, after starting with UBC, I’m much confident of being able to write daily.

7.Get more ideas

You get more and more ideas from visitors’ comments and even while writing other posts. These ideas can be saved for writing posts, later. I keep getting post ideas every now and then, even while writing posts. I just jot them down on my mobile notes app and later check those notes, when I have forgotten that I already have some ideas jotted down. You also get ideas from the comments you get on your posts. I have even got blog post ideas from facebook comments at UBC, and will turn them into blog posts soon.

8. Achieve something
You feel that you are achieving something. If you waste time by chatting with friends, this daily blogging habit saves that time which would have gone waste. Instead, this time was used creatively to write articles. After commenting and sharing your blog post daily, you get a satisfying feeling as if you have achieved something. You won’t get this feeling after hours of chatting.

9. Get the UBC badge
Once you complete the UBC in 31 days, you get a badge which you can display on your website / blog. This is a reward from Ultimate Blog Challenge. You can be proud to display this badge on your website / blog.

10. Get the free report eBook
You get a free report ebook by Michele Scsim and Michelle Shaeffer, named “7 Ways to Get Your Blog in Motion”. It contains great tips and tricks about blog design, which plugins to use how to increase traffic to your blog and many more things. If you haven’t downloaded it already, get it from HERE and read it. It’s only a few pages.