10 Headlines – 12-07-2016

Headline writing is an art, a science, and it can generate traffic and money, so commerce too.

I heard from Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger.com that he wrote a hundred headlines every day, for five years. That’s why he became the Jon Morrow he is today. He was a blogger at copyblogger, kissmetrics, and then started his own high traffic blog, boostblogtraffic.

Last year, I tried writing/re-writing headlines for a few weeks, but then this didn’t form a habit. Now I’ve started again. Not sure if I can write these daily, but here’s the first try once again.

Today, I’ll re-write one of the headlines from fixwp.org blog, Seven Free, Downloadable Headline Resources

  1. Seven free headline resources you can download right now
  2. Seven free headline e-books that can make you the next Jon morrow
  3. Seven free headline resources to make you a better writer
  4. Download these seven free headline pdfs and master the art of headline writing
  5. How to master the art of headline writing with these seven free resources
  6. Learn how to shape your blog post’s headlines, from these seven experts
  7. Headlines that sell and why yours fell
  8. Master the dark art of headline writing from seven pros
  9. Know why do your headlines look crappy, and what to do about them (free download links inside)
  10. Use these seven free headline resouces to skyrocket your blog post’s traffic
  11. Seven expert bloggers handhold you to write your best headlines
  12. Seven experts teach you how not to write headlines
  13. How to write great headlines that sell, and save your blog post from hell
  14. How ro write awesome headlines, skyrocket your blog traffic, and earn a million dollars
  15. 333 headline hacks you won’t learn in school
  16. Why most bloggers (and blogs) fail
  17. How to write clever post title even your wants to read
  18. How to get clicks on your blog post, shared it on social sites and make money
  19. Why writing an excellent blog post will not get you clicks, readers, shares or money
  20. Why blogging is a waste of your time (and what to do instead)
  21. Why your headlines sound like written in hell, and how to write them well